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How to Make the Best Caramelized Onions

Sweet, savory and jammy, the BEST Caramelized Onions are simple to make and a terrific addition to many of your favorite dishes. Amp up a grilled cheese sandwich or top a burger, make a big batch to keep on hand to jazz up just about any dish. I feel like this recipe is kind of... Read More » The post How to Make the Best Caramelized Onions appeared first on The Suburban Soapbox.... Read More

April Baking Challenge

I hope you had a wonderful week! The week started out a bit slow as Kevin returned home from a snowboarding trip with his buddies. We also celebrated Jude’s 9th birthday (!!) with homemade dog treats and a long hike on Tuesday. I finally got back into the swing of a usual work day by midweek and am THRILLED that a new month starts this weekend! You know what that means… April Baking Challenge!... Read More

Tasty Veedu Followers 0

 INGREDIENTSMilk-2 1/2 cupsSugar-1/2 cupCocoa powder/Drinking Chocolate Powder- 3 - 5 tblspInstant coffee powder-1 tsp.Crushed Biscuits-6(optional)Water-1/2 cupChina grass-10 gms/2 tblsp.METHOD1.Soak china grass in water for half an hour and then boil it in a saucepan till china grass melts and disappears.2.Meanwhile in another saucepan heat milk and sugar on low heat and stir continouslytill s... Read More

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INGREDIENTS (Serves 4)Fish(King fish,mackerel,sardine/any)-350 gmsShallots-10-12Garlic(crushed)-4Ginger(crushed)-1 Read More

Korean Barbecue Jackfruit Tacos

This Korean Barbecue Jackfruit Tacos Recipe is like eating vegan pulled pork! The jackfruit is coated in a sweet and salty Korean barbecue sauce for maximum flavor. Le Jackfruit. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It is an ancient, almost dragon-like, gigantic fruit that is responsible for the modern day miracle of VEGAN PULLED PORK which we find in our Korean Barbecue Jackfruit Tacos. I... Read More

Asian Pork Tacos
LittleB Couture Followers 6

Hello and happy May everyone!  My son-in-law got my computer up and running - yay!!!!  You don't realize how much you rely on technology until you don't have it anymore.  Although, other than not being able to work on this blog, I didn't really miss it too much.  In fact, it was kinda of nice to not be so Read More

Faux Garlic & Chive Mashed Potatoes
LittleB Couture Followers 6

For the past two months I have been on a low carb kick, along with my gluten free diet.  This can become challenging when it comes to finding low carb side dishes.  There are times when you just want mashed potatoes!So this is what I came up with to satisfy my mashed potato craving.  Delicious and satisfying - I really felt like I was eating mashed potatoes.  Can't get much better than that! Fa... Read More

Gooey Cinnamon Squares
LittleB Couture Followers 6

We had a slumber party last night with three of the grand-kids!  I love when they come over, mostly because I just love them, but also because it gives me a chance to make something yummy.  Making treats for them gives me great pleasure!This time I decided to try something new.  I received the Smitten Kitchen cookbook about a year ago, but haven't tried much from it.  I pulled it out the other ... Read More

Mexican Brownie Sundaes
LittleB Couture Followers 6

I decided to challenge myself by entering a recipe contest (you can click on this link to see the contest  They gave us three ingredients that had to be in the recipe - chocolate, cinnamon and strawberries.  I am not a big fan of chocolate, but who can resist a thick gooey brownie with some vanilla ice cream?  Even I love the combina... Read More

Beef Brisket
LittleB Couture Followers 6

Pulled pork is one of my favorite things to cook for a crowd, especially in the summer for some reason.  I love that it can feed so many people, yet is so easy to cook.  It was this thought that led me to try my hand at cooking a beef brisket recently.  I wanted to make something that I could use for several different meals, and since I've never made it before, I was excited to give it a try.Th... Read More

Easy Creamy Chicken
LittleB Couture Followers 6

We are all looking for quick and easy weeknight meals, right?  I am always finding it difficult to come up with new ideas for chicken, but to have a quick chicken dinner is ideal.  This one fits the bill - easy, quick and best of all it's delicious!  I served it with a side salad, but you could put this over some pasta, or pair it with a baked potato and veggies.  Whatever you serve it with, ju... Read More

Cauliflower Pizza Crust
LittleB Couture Followers 6

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.  I first want to apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I am currently taking a couple of classes and it seems to be dominating most of my free time, but I am hoping to get back to posting more often in the next month or two.  If you are like me, or like many people out there, the beginning of a new ... Read More

Nanaimo Bars
LittleB Couture Followers 6

Every now and then my sister will send me a bunch of recipes and ask me to make them.  The problem for me is that she doesn't live in the same state as me, and since I don't want to get stuck with a bunch of goodies hanging around, I don't ever make anything she sends me.  If she lived nearby, and I could deliver the goodies to her, then I would totally make whatever she asks me to.  In additio... Read More

Moong Salad

For more, check out: MariasMenu Since the recipe is a really short one, I decided to make up for it in the write up ;) Have I told you about my very first air travel? I was 4 year old when it happened. It was a very short flight, Cochin – Trivandrum. (If you are not familiar with the route, it’s a very short route, 30-45 mins). Well, the whole point of the trip, was for us to experience the ... Read More

Apple Milkshake (Sugar Free) – A Quick, Easy & Healthy Recipe

For more, check out: MariasMenu Here's a simple, quick, easy and healthy (mostly) milkshake recipe. I'm calling it healthy, because of two reasons: 1 – there is fruit in it and 2 – there is no sugar. For me, that easily classifies as healthy food ;) Though, I'm a big milkshake fan, I don't indulge in it very frequently. The reason is, my fav kind of milkshake is the one with ice cream ;) When... Read More

Vegetarian Side Dish (Recipe Round Up)

For more, check out: MariasMenu I'm not a big fan of repeating myself over and over, but I've to do it one more time and then, I'll stop, promise! So, I've told you countless times about the dilemma of what to cook, especially for dinner. Now, I assume,  most of us have chapathi for dinner. I may be wrong about that assumption and my parents itself is an exception to that. They are rice people... Read More

Caramelised Banana Ghee Roast

For more, check out: MariasMenu I still remember the little school girl in her navy blue pleated skirt and off white shirt, with unbuckled red school belt and navy blue tie hung halfway down, standing impatiently on the wooden kitchen bench. She is impatient because it's after school hours and she is hungry! She is standing on the wooden bench because she can't see the stove top. She wants h... Read More

Easy Chana Masala (Chickpea Curry)

For more, check out: MariasMenu So, we went to Kerala for a short trip. Apart from the change of scene from our usual routine, my favourite part of any trip is I’m not in charge of menu! If you are the person in charge of daily cooking at your place, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, when I say handing over that decision is liberating ;) Anyways, now that we are back and settling into our routin... Read More

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

For more, check out: MariasMenu Cookies is one of my guilty pleasures. Everyday, I look forward for my evening coffee time. One big mug of coffee with some cookies on the side gives me the feeling of “all is well” in the world. For certain things, am a creature of habit. Evening coffee is one such thing. I eagerly wait for the time to be 5 in the evening, so that I can achieve my state of Nirv... Read More

Kerala Style Prawns Roast

For more, check out: MariasMenu When I was a kid, some of the advertisements on TV intrigued me! Sometimes there would be new advertisements of existing products and the concept of the whole advertisement would be based on one theme “new & improved” version of the product. For example, take Horlicks (btw, this is just an example) when I see the advertisement of “new & improved” Horlicks, I al... Read More

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