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I was born and raised in Malaysia and now live in London with my wonderful hubby and son.I love to cook and bake.I find my interest flowing in kitchen.I creates this blog to record my cooking and baking experiments and also to share my tried recipes with all of you.I dont consider myself an expert, but all the recipes as been tried, and you can modify the amount of ingredients as your taste. If you have any suggestion and comments..pls feel free to do so.


I like to eat, to cook and of course to serve healthy n yummy foo!


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United Kingdom
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May 30, 2012
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Mini Creamy Corn Tartlets/ Puding Jagung
SubhieArun Followers 0
I make this for my son lunchbox as dessert....he doesn't like normal custard which have fruits on the i add creamy corn on the custard which is he like.You Need,Mini tartlet shell- 1 pack(24 pc)For Filling,Custard powder- 1/2 cupSugar- 1/2 cupCreamy style sweet corns- 3/4 canCoconut... Read More
Curried Lamb Spring Rolls/Popiah Daging
SubhieArun Followers 0
Spring rolls are great appetizer or as can fills in any your favorite stuffing. My son start to like spring rolls...and he love curry flavors...he don't like that much of lamb...but when i stuffed spring rolls,,,its just goes in...without any that is how i end up with lamb... Read More
Amritsari Fish Fry
SubhieArun Followers 0
Hi everyone ..I love fish fry especially Amritsar fish fry..I have  tried at a well known restaurant even my little one love it....It been ages of my plan to try ...but only recently i tried.....and it's turn out exactly same taste as I eat that restaurant.I took the recipes from turban tadka... Read More
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