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Quick and Easy Carrot Kheer
Quick and Easy Carrot Kheer
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This one started off as a plan to make Carrot Halwa for a few friends coming home for dinner, but midway got improvised to an even yummier Kheer. And I'm so glad it did, or I would never have stumbled upon this beauty.Carrot Halwa is one of my all-time favourite sweets and as with most other things, I prefer to go the long, traditional way, in making it. But yesterday was different as I started cooking late and had very little time before our friends were due to arrive. So, I decided to try a ch...

Balti Chilli Chicken
Balti Chilli Chicken
Total Views: 697 sunnydayz1985

OK....before you go on to read the post, I have to tell you that this has been sitting ready in my drafts for over a year. The only reason I did not publish it was, as I did not have a photo of the dish. So, as I was skimming through my drafts yesterday, I saw this one and decided I'll make this today.  Onto my old old post ;) First of all,  let me tell you all that this is not the Famous Indo-Chinese Chilli Chicken that most of us are familiar with. But, don't be disappointed if&...

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